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Fritz’s Adventure Nears Completion in Branson

If you have an appetite for adventure an upcoming Branson attraction hopes to give you all you can handle. It’s one of the most anticipated attractions to come to Branson in years, but just what is Fritz’s Adventure? General Contractor Matt Engram has a vision of what he hopes it can be.

“I would say it’s City Museum meets Swiss Family Robinson, crashes onto a construction site and it’s everything that ties those three things in together into something you can participate in.”

A fully interactive adventure where everything you see is meant to be crawled under, climbed upon or through.

“It’s based on authenticity,” says Engram. “It’s not a rock climbing gym, you a re climbing a city building where you’re climbing down spouts and past window sills and up fire escapes; you’re experiencing life inside a contained safely engineered environment.”

So authentic that Engram says it will be unlike any attraction Branson has ever known.

“I don’t know of anything in Branson that is true family adventure that is repeatable that you can come in the morning, want to come back at night and still say I didn’t get enough and I want to come back tomorrow,” says Engram.

“We are open year-round because it’s an indoor facility and we’re going to be open in the winter and in the summer, when it’s raining,” says Vice President of Business Development Billy Ong. “I can see where a family actually could spend three or four hours and come back later on that day.”

Fritz’s Adventure will open this fall and will also have a food court, retail space and an outdoor patio.

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