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Weather/conditions permitting. Hours subject to change.
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Weather/conditions permitting. Hours subject to change.

Fritz's Aerodium is now open!

AERODIUM (air-oh-dee-um)

A ridiculously fun way to fly in the great outdoors.
Only at Fritz's Adventure in Branson, Missouri.

Tall or short, big or small, young or old – it's time to live your dream of flying! Fritz's Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure is safe, easy, and no previous experience is necessary.

Safe. Easy. Fun.

Fritz's AERODIUM is an amazing OUTDOOR adventure for beginners, and a popular sport for experienced flyers and skydivers.
AERODIUM is the world leader in vertical wind tunnels, providing the safest, most innovative wind tunnel flying experiences in the world since 1979.

Get ready for an instant adrenaline rush for the whole family!