Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Fritz’s Adventure?
Fritz’s Adventure is a dynamic indoor adventure park that brings the elements of outdoor adventure into a climate-controlled indoor space. There are over 80,000 sq. feet of climbable space – featuring a suspended airplane, 3-story ropes course, climbing elements, treehouses, slides, containers, underground tunnels, laser maze, warped wall pit, and much more.
2How does the pricing work?
We like to keep it simple with just a couple of ticket types.

The first ticket type is called “All Access” and provides you with full access to all indoor activities for a low price of $28.95.
The second ticket type is called “Limited Access” and provides you with access to all unharnessed activities for only $21.95.

If you have anyone with you who is 0-4 years old, they get into Fritz’s for FREE!

And if you want to watch your family and friends play, but you don’t want to adventure yourself, you get in for FREE too. However, you’ll need to stay on the entry level of the facility and you won’t have access to the attraction floor.

Each ticket type is good all day. Additional rates and fees may apply for certain activities and attractions depending on the time of year.

For a full pricing list, click here.
3What if I just want to watch?
If you want to watch your family and friends play, but you don’t want to adventure yourself, you get in for FREE. However, you’ll need to stay on the entry level of the facility and you won’t have access to the attraction floor.

It should be noted that anyone 9 and under is not permitted on the attraction floor without supervision of a paid guest who is 16+.

Additionally, anyone 15 and under requires an adult (18+) in the building.
4Can I drop my kids off to play?
It depends.

Anyone 9 and under is not permitted on the attraction floor without supervision of a paid guest who is 16+.

Additionally, anyone 15 and under requires an adult (18+) in the building at all times.

Anyone 17 and under needs to have a signed waiver by an adult (responsible party 18+).
5Is my ticket good all day?
Yes! Your admission ticket / wristband is good all day. You are permitted to exit and enter the building as you please as long as your wristband is intact. We don’t guarantee access to all attractions during your visit.
6How long should I stay?
That is up to you! We can tell you that the average family spends approximately 2 to 4 hours at Fritz’s Adventure, but some have been known to stay 8+ hours. This time, and the ability to exit and re-enter at your leisure, not only provides great value for the money, it also helps ensure that you get to spend time on the activities or attractions that your family desires.
7Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! Gift cards are available for purchase anytime in person at Fritz’s Adventure.
8Are there age requirements/restrictions?
Most of our attractions with limitations are categorized by height, but there are a few places that may be restrictive based on age. For example, adult supervision for all children 7 and under is required through the Container Maze. Children 4 and under are not permitted in The Pit (warped wall area). Signs are posted throughout the facility to give further instruction. All minors under the age of 18 will need to have a signed waiver by a parent or legal guardian.
9Are there height and weight restrictions?
There are minimum height requirements for our slides and harnessed attractions. 2 out of 5 slides have a minimum height requirement of 42”.

Anyone who is at least 42” tall is allowed to do City Wall, Sky Tykes, and Sky Trail (with the supervision of a paid guest who is 16+).

The Sky Tykes™ course has a maximum height requirement of 48".

The outdoor climbing adventure, Fritz’s Via Ferrata, has a minimum height requirement of 55”.

The weight maximum for City Wall, Sky Tykes, Sky Trail, and Via Ferrata is 300 lbs.
10Is there anything for toddlers?
There are lots of activities to keep toddlers busy, but don’t be surprised if you have to work a little harder to keep up with them!

The Fritz’s Forest area is specifically designed for our smallest adventurers and features rocks, tree stumps, logs and perfectly-sized treehouses.

The Sky Tykes™ ropes course is for all adventurers under 48” who are able to walk and fit safely in a harness. Parents can even hold their kid’s hand as the child discovers a love of adventure on the course.

Toddlers also have fun in the airplane, underground tunnels, shipping containers, laser maze, and interactive floor as long as they are accompanied by an older sibling (16+) or adult (18+).
11Do you have a restaurant?
Fritz’s Café, located on the entry level, is open during select hours, which vary seasonally. We serve a light selection of pizza, chicken fingers, kids’ meals, snacks, and drinks. There are also times when we serve drinks and snacks only.
12Can we bring in food?
We do not permit outside food or drink inside the facility. All food and drink purchased within the building must stay on the mezzanine level and is strictly prohibited on the attraction floor.
13Are we allowed to carry a water or sports bottle?
If you do bring in a water bottle, it must be empty upon arrival to our facility. You can refill your bottle at our convenient water spouts located in the Café. There are also water fountains located on every level. We want you to play hard and stay hydrated!

All water bottles must stay on the restaurant mezzanine level and are strictly prohibited on the attraction floor
14Do you have lockers?
We have lockers available for rent for $5/day. They are self-service, take cash or credit, and can be accessed unlimited times during the day. Be prepared: certain attractions and high-rise elements require you to empty your hands and pockets of any and all items (phones, keys, wallet, money, etc.) and in such cases, buckets are located nearby for short-term storage only. Fritz’s Adventure is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
15Do you have a Lost & Found?
Yes. Found items are logged and stored at Fritz’s Outfitters retail store. If unclaimed, items are donated to a local charity after 2 weeks.
16Is there a dress code?
We encourage comfortable or athletic attire that allows for movement. Remember that you will be climbing, crawling, crouching and sliding throughout the facility – so plan accordingly. Due to the nature of certain floor and stair elements, skirts and dresses require shorts, leggings or pants be worn underneath.
17Do I have to wear shoes?
FOOTWEAR IS REQUIRED. Tennis shoes are preferred, but most shoes with a back or back strap are permitted. Flip-flops, slides and high heels are NOT allowed on certain attractions. If you arrive unprepared, proper footwear can be rented from Fritz’s Outfitters for a fee.
18Do I need to wear a swimsuit? (yes, we actually get this question)
Please don’t. We are sure your new summer suit is super cute…but save it for the beach. Fritz’s Adventure contains NO water rides or elements.
19Do you allow smoking or vaping?
Fritz's Adventure is a non-smoking, tobacco free, drug free campus. There are no smoking or tobacco products permitted inside the facility or on Fritz’s Adventure property.
20Are we allowed to take photos?
We encourage you to take photos of your friends and family…and yourself (There are LOTS of awesome selfie locations). However, there may be some areas or attractions that don’t permit use of cell phones or cameras – like our ropes course, suspended bridge and climbing wall. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!
21Do you offer Annual Passes?
Yes, we offer an Annual Pass. Passes are good from January 1 through December 31 of the noted year on the pass.
Price: $99.95 per person
Passes are non-transferable and not to be shared. No coupons or discounts apply toward Annual Passes.
A valid photo ID must be presented with the pass for admission into the facility.
22Can I upgrade my one-day admission to an Annual Pass?
Yes. You are eligible to upgrade on the day of purchase/admission only; no exceptions. You must provide your receipt and show your wristband. Dollar discount will apply in the amount of pre-tax one-day ticket purchase only. Upgrades and Annual Passes are sold in Fritz’s Outfitters near the main entrance/exit.
23Do you offer a Military Discount?
Yes, we honor our men and women of service by offering a 50% off discount of our All Access or Limited Access Passes. This discount is for any active duty military service member or veteran, and spouse.
24Do you offer Birthday Party packages and options?
Yes! Let us help make your next planned birthday one that everyone will talk about! Click here for details.
25Do you have group rates?
Groups of 15+ receive a discount off regular admission pricing. Book your group today by calling Avery at (417) 320-6138 x. 213.